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Carmen Ramirez is on the volleyball team, popular among her classmates, and has no problem keeping up her GPA. She is not above using love-struck nerd boys to do her homework for her when she's got more important parties to attend.


Carmen is outgoing and energetic. She has many friends and is thought of as being fun and likable by her peers. She is also very intelligent and does well in school.

Despite the personality she presents on the outside, she is very manipulative and calculating on the inside. She doesn't often care about the feelings of others and will use her friends to get what she wants. However, she is not malicious and really only wants to get out of studying and doing homework so she can party on week nights.


Carmen is thin with brown skin, brown eyes, and dyed red hair. She has a large nose and mouth and wears makeup. She also has big feet, which she is sometimes self-conscious of.

Carmen's clothing is stylish and neat. She wears leggings, high-waisted shorts, flowing tops and blouses, and fuzzy boots or sneakers. Carmen is sometimes seen wearing glasses.


  • Neil Beckham- Neil is Carmen's boyfriend. They have a fairly shallow relationship.
  • Jonas Wagner - Carmen uses Jonas to do her homework for her, because she knows he has a crush on her. She has no interest in him past this.


  • Like Neil Beckham, Carmen's family is very well off, though not quite as wealthy as his.
  • Carmen used to be a nerd in middle school and was not very popular. Her popularity only started during high school.

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