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Cliff Lonnie is a member of Mitch's friend group and lives in the same trailer park as his crew. He is destructive and mean, and fits a redneck stereotype.


Cliff is a school bully and is largely apathetic to other people's feelings. He likes picking on weaker students. It takes him a while to open up to people.

Cliff is also an extremely dim-witted hick, usually taking orders from Mitch, and is often the butt of his friends' jokes. He is a textbook example of redneck.


Cliff is of average height and moderately muscular from doing physical labor at the make-shift farm near his trailer. He has a long face, large chin, a five-o-clock shadow, and pointed nose. His eyes are hidden by his shoulder-length blonde hair.

Cliff wears a sleeveless shirt and plaid flannel with the sleeves torn off. He also usually wears grey sweatpants, boots, and a forest camouflage print cap.


  • Born in Sellwood, California.
  • Became friends with Mitch, Scratch, and Javier in middle school.


  • Mitch -  Cliff and Mitch butt heads a lot, with Cliff being less open-minded about Mitch's sexuality, and the fact that Mitch loves putting him down and targeting him for his cruel jokes. Their relationship appears to be improving.
  • Scratch - Cliff and Scratch tend to get along especially because they encourage each other to make stupid decisions.
  • Javier - Javier thinks Cliff is funny, if not a little braindead. They get along better when they're wasted.
  • Jonas - At first, Cliff dislikes Jonas and thinks of him as little more than a chubby nerd, but eventually Cliff warms up to Jonas.


  • He tends to have very unusual habits which he explains away as "that's how it's done in the South" despite being born and raised in California.
    • This includes misnaming objects, example here.
    • Weird eating habits: pouring milk before his cereal, eating mac and cheese with ketchup, dunking cookies in milk, etc.
  • Has a pet cow in his yard and several chickens that live in his trailer. He has names for them and cares about them deeply.
  • Cliff is often the first to pass out during his friends' parties. They love to humiliate him as much as they can.
  • Loves country music.
  • Argues with his friends over their taste in music frequently.
  • He has poor vision due to always wearing his hair over his eyes.
  • Has had to repeat a grade in school.
  • Talks in a fake southern accent.
  • Wears his hair in a ponytail when it's hot out or when working outside.
  • Weapon of choice is a rusty pipe.

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