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Scratch Dyer (real name Crystal) is part of Mitch's gang and lives in the same trailer park as her friends. She is chaotic and unpredictable, and occasionally even gets on her friends' nerves.


Scratch is extremely energetic and wild. She is easily excitable, twitchy, and tends to climb and crawl on her friends like a squirrel (made easy due to her small size). She is a nontraditional bully in the sense that she doesn't necessarily bully others out of maliciousness. Her behavior usually comes off as irritating, and she tends to follow her friends' actions (which more often than not happen to be cruel in nature). She is a true chaotic neutral.

She is not easily angered and rarely takes situations seriously. Scratch can be described as being down for basically anything as long as it's fun and exciting, even at the expense of others.


Scratch is short and very thin, with dyed green hair shaved to a faux hawk. She has pink eyes, and dark skin. She is also covered in piercings located in her nose, ears, bottom lip, tongue, and belly button.

Scratch wears exclusively punk fashion. She is usually seen in a black tank top, red plaid pants with suspenders, spiked wristbands, and knee-high lace-up black boots.


  • Born in Sellwood, California.
  • Became friends with Mitch, Javier, and Cliff in middle school.


  • Mitch - Mitch considers Scratch one of his good friends, but usually finds her irritating.
  • Javier - Scratch tends to get on Javier's nerves, but they are still friends.
  • Cliff - Cliff and Scratch tend to get along, especially because they encourage each other to make stupid decisions.
  • Jonas - Scratch thinks Jonas is adorable, though he is somewhat creeped out by her.


  • Scratch has a very hard time sitting still, and is constantly on the move.
  • Makes weird animal noises such as hissing.
  • Loves punk rock music.
  • Argues with her friends over their taste in music frequently.
  • Has had to repeat a grade in school.
  • Breaks things for fun.
  • Scratch is a furry and the fursona she gave herself is a deer.
  • Speaks quickly and often incoherently.
  • She takes an interest in the supernatural, especially ghosts and haunted houses.
  • Will attempt to claw your eyes out if threatened.

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