Dean Wagner is Jonas and Sidney's adoptive father and husband to Sue Wagner. He is also a cop and runs a foster care from his house.

Personality Edit

Dean is uptight and orderly. He appears to act aggressively towards Jonas and the foster kids, almost always using a stern tone, and even has a tendency to be verbally abusive. It's apparent he cares about his kids, but has a hard time showing it. Dean often continues to act like a cop even after coming home from work. He does not approve of same sex relationships. He is a total $#@% when it comes to Jonas's life, personal and/or business.

Appearance Edit

Dean is a middle aged man with pale skin, greying hair, and brown eyes. When not wearing his chief of police uniform, he often wears button-up shirts and jeans.

History Edit

  • Fosters Jonas and Sidney when they're four years old.
  • Adopts Jonas and Sidney a few years later.

Relationships Edit

  • Sue - Sue tends to act somewhat submissive and meek towards Dean, who orders her around a lot.
  • Jonas and Sidney - Dean is more critical of Jonas than he is of Sidney, but acts arrogant towards them both.
  • Mitch - Dean and Mitch do not get along.

Trivia Edit

Probably keeps his police shit out for the looking in his bedroom

Has a terrible need for control

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