Lewis Halls is friends with Jonas and Sidney and is what some might describe as an “indoor kid.” His favorite activities include collecting dragon figurines and insisting he’s the most intelligent guy in school.

Personality Edit

Lewis is fairly socially awkward, even more so than Jonas. However, he is not shy and actually seems to be fairly confident in himself. He considers himself much smarter than the other students and loves to talk in length about his nerdy interests (whether they care or not).

Appearance Edit

Lewis has an average if not scrawny body type with brown skin and a a curly ginger afro. He has some acne on his cheeks.

Lewis wears rectangular glasses and a necklace with a dragon pendent. He usually wears graphic t-shirts with some kind of video game or other geeky reference on them, jeans that are slightly too short, tennis shoes, and hoodies.

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Trivia Edit

  • Lewis loves doing weird stuff for a reaction, such as sticking straws in his nose and pretending to drink.

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