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Lorraine Rockwell is Mitch's aunt and Henrietta's sister. She was never married.


Lorraine is almost always drunk. She doesn't interact with Mitch much outside of telling him to pick up more cigarettes while he's out. She was always a little jealous of Henrietta growing up for being the "prettier sister."


Lorraine is a heavy-set older woman with heavy makeup, and often has beer cans in her hair as rollers. She is usually wearing her robe and bear paw slippers.


  • Born in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Moved to California with her sister as a teenager.
  • Took Mitch into her home when Henrietta went to jail.


  • Henrietta - Lorraine's sister. They didn't always have the best relationship growing up, but tried to look out for each other regardless. They don't talk much after they split ways.
  • Mitch - Lorraine's nephew. They live together but don't talk to each other much.


  • Never married. Her and Henrietta's maiden names are Rockwell.