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Madison Cleary hangs out with Jonas, Sidney, and Lewis. She comes armed with a religious background and an unfounded superiority complex, and has a crush on Jonas. She considers Sidney her best friend but the feeling is not mutual.


Madison is very judgmental by nature. She looks down on most other students at Sellwood High for a variety of reasons. She shames her peers for how they dress, act, and behave.

Madison comes from a very religious family and identifies as Christian. She has strong negative opinions on the LGBT community and how women should dress.


Madison is very thin and tall. She has long, straight, dark brown hair, blue eyes, a long face and an up-turned nose. She has a small amount of acne and braces.

She wears long skirts and dresses, leggings, and buttoned up shirts. Her clothing style is extremely modest.


  • Moved to Sellwood her freshman year from out of town.


  • Jonas - Madison has a crush on Jonas, which he is unaware of. She has an idealized idea of him however and has never taken the time to really know him.
  • Sidney - Madison looks up to Sidney and thinks of her as her best friend. She sometimes uses Sidney as an excuse to get close to Jonas.
  • Lewis - Lewis and Madison are friends but mostly only hang out because of their mutual friendship with Jonas and Sidney.
  • Mitch - Totally hates the guy.


  • Horses are Madison's favorite animal.

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