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Neil Beckham comes from a rich family and is very rude to anyone who aren't his rich, white friends.


nasty little garbage boy.


Neil has an oval face, pale skin, and blue eyes. He has an overbite and up-turned top lip so that he appears to always be sneering when he smiles. His hair is blond and medium-length, and is always slicked back.

Neil wears expensive, preppy clothing. He usually wears a navy blazer, white button-up shirt, and short, brightly-colored shorts with brown loafers.


  • Mitch - Neil and Mitch are enemies at Sellwood High. More than anything Neil wants to steal Mitch's asshole status. He appears to be afraid of Mitch.
  • Jonas - Neil is a much more malicious bully compared to Mitch when interacting with Jonas.
  • Carmen - Carmen is Neil's girlfriend. They have a fairly shallow relationship.


  • Neil's design is inspired by a mix of Eric Trump, Martin Shkreli, and whatever Mitt Romney's son's name is (who cares).

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