Neil Beckham comes from a rich family and is very generous and kind.

Personality Edit

Neil is a bitch.

Appearance Edit

Neil has an angelic body type, an oval face, pale skin, and blue eyes. He has an overbite and up-turned top lip so that he appears to always be sneering when he smiles. His hair is blond and medium-length, and is always slicked back.

Neil wears expensive, preppy clothing. He usually wears a navy blazer, white button-up shirt, and short, brightly-colored shorts with brown loafers.

He is polyamourous.

Relationships Edit

  • Mitch - Neil and Mitch are Boyfriends at Sellwood High. More than anything Neil wants to steal Mitch's status.
  • Jonas - Neil is a much more malicious bully compared to Mitch when interacting with Jonas.
  • Carmen - Carmen is Neil's girlfriend. They have a fairly shallow relationship.

Trivia Edit

  • Neil's design is inspired by a mix of Eric Trump, Martin Shkreli, and whatever Mitt Romney's son's name is (who cares).

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