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Sue Wagner is Jonas and Sidney's adoptive mother and wife to Dean Wagner. She runs a foster care from her house.


Sue is quiet and friendly. She is religious and has some homophobic views.


Sue has pale skin, short brown hair, and blue eyes. She often wears high-waisted jeans (mom jeans).


  • Fosters Jonas and Sidney when they're four years old.
  • Adopts Jonas and Sidney a few years later.


  • Jonas and Sidney - Sue acts very motherly towards Jonas and Sidney, and is less strict than Dean.
  • Dean - Sue tends to act somewhat submissive and meek towards Dean, who orders her around a lot.
  • Mitch - Sue is somewhat unnerved by Mitch, and judges him by his rough appearance.


  • She loves frogs and collects frog figurines. Her kitchen is frog themed.

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